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My 1st Trail training in Huaraches

Last Sunday, I tried mountain trail in sandals and it works...with poles though to help while descending.
11 km and 675 m ascend and descend.

My Xeroshoes Amuri Cloud are amazing.

Trail du Salève 2014

Dimanche 11 May 2014.

35 km, 1900 m ascend, 2200 m descend.
200 participants, 175 finishers.
The 1st one did it in 3h11. I finished 172nd after 6h45 of "running".

Again, no pain, just pleasure! And super fresh at finish. I even sprinted one last guy before the finish line. Poor guy was totally cooked.

Very lucky with the weather, it rained the night and days before, and we had a storm after, but no rain during it.
Just very slippery in some places.

A very good training for the Eiger Ultra and the Samaria Ultra Kayathlon.

And a Bière du Salève as prize. Nice!

My Inov-8 Trailroc 235. Probably the best trail shoes around these days with the Merrell Ascend Gloves.

Note the cheering crowd!!!

La Grange Gaby: Un point central pour de nombreux trails dans le Salève.