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The Tarahumara Spirit Team at The Eiger Ultra Trail 2014

Three is a team. One Hungarian, one South African, one French. We missed the Catalan.

Plenty of emotions. Quite hot but magical.

Thanks for supporting the Tarahumara Childern Hospital by clicking on this link and do not forget to add "on behalf of Barefoot Pat" in the "company name" line.

I love you all !!!

Sierre-Zinal as training for the Eiger Ultra

Last sunday, we went to run Sierre-Zinal as a training for the 51 k version of the Eiger Ultra Trail in 2 weeks.

We were the 3 Tarahumara Spirit members, Kristof, Renier and myself.

Super nice weather, nice hike, always brutal both uphill and downhill.
We also tested some new re-fueling options based on peanuts, dried dates, dried apricots and dried figs or a mixture from the Coop called Studenttenfutter !!!
Result was a mild metabolic crisis for the 3 of us but at different times and various symptoms (nausea, weak legs, etc). To be tested more scientifically.

31 k, 2100 m ascend, 5h20 moving time, 6h40 total.
No muscle soreness the next days. Just hungry...

That is the Tarahumara Spirit.