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Test Run Merrell Trail Glove 2

I finally got the chance to test my new Merrell Trail Glove 2. My Trail Glove 1 were getting old, the Vibram sole looked like an old tire, and they were also getting too tight as my feet have grown a bit in length and width over the last 3 years or so.

My excuse to switch from my Xeroshoes Connect 4 mm Huaraches was a forest trail with a lot of sharp pebbles of all sizes, extremely hard to land painlesssly on them.

But with the Trail Gloves, you can feel them all, but no pain whatsoever, no need to slow down to absorb.

This, plus the lacing system and the extra size (44 for my 43 feet), make these shoes the best running shoes for everything, road, trail, mountains, cyties, etc.

The only problem that Merrell needs to address quickly is the total lack of adherence on wet slick surfaces (pavement, rocks, tree logs). In those situations, the shoes can even become dangerous.

Merrell, please, there must be another sole material that is less slippery on wet surfaces. This will make your shoe…