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Fine tuning of my Huaraches

In March, I found a setting to tie my Huaraches and avoid the string rubbing!

I noticed that even though I have a neutral and silent stride and can run miles barefoot, I could not solve the issue of the rubbing of the string between my 1st and 2nd toe.
In fact, the blisters came after 5-8 k, and not between the toes, which would be a sign of overstriding, but BELOW the toes. Plus, I also made a terrible flapping sound when running.

So I checked my stride on video and found that I dorsiflex a lot, i.e. my toes are bent a lot upwards before landing. When I do that when still, I can clearly see the strings touching hard the skin far below the 1st and 2nd toe. OK so that explains the rubbing and the huge blisters in some cases.
Then, I checked on internet photos of sandals worn by the Tarahumaras. Shit, if these guys can run 100 miles in sandals, there must be a solution.
And in some photos I noticed that they wear their sandals with the string between the toes attached more forward that …

My Cardio Stress Test is OK !!!

This morning I had my annual bike stress test to check my heart.

Same as last year, 260 W, 164 bpm, residual ascending ST depression, less than 1 mm, not increasing with HR.

So, on with the training, with shoes or barefoot, on roads or trails, on flat surface or in mountains, on bike, in water, rivers, lakes.

Next events to come in 2013: Geneva Half, Annecy Tri, NYC Marathon.

And for 2014, Ecotrail Paris ? Marathon Paris ? Marathon Londres ? Trail de l'Ardeche ?


After 15 days without running

Tuesday 5 March 2013

First run (9 km) after 15 days of forced rest because my huge blister did not heal fast enough.

I had to run with a Compeed, that went off only after in the shower.

The good news is that I can run now, with shoes. The epiderm is slowly forming. But it is several weeks from now before I can run barefoot.