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Fine tuning of my Huaraches

In March, I found a setting to tie my Huaraches and avoid the string rubbing!

I noticed that even though I have a neutral and silent stride and can run miles barefoot, I could not solve the issue of the rubbing of the string between my 1st and 2nd toe.
In fact, the blisters came after 5-8 k, and not between the toes, which would be a sign of overstriding, but BELOW the toes. Plus, I also made a terrible flapping sound when running.

So I checked my stride on video and found that I dorsiflex a lot, i.e. my toes are bent a lot upwards before landing. When I do that when still, I can clearly see the strings touching hard the skin far below the 1st and 2nd toe. OK so that explains the rubbing and the huge blisters in some cases.
Then, I checked on internet photos of sandals worn by the Tarahumaras. Shit, if these guys can run 100 miles in sandals, there must be a solution.
And in some photos I noticed that they wear their sandals with the string between the toes attached more forward that exactly below the space between the toes.
So I tried with a hole 1/2 inch (12 mm) more forward than usual, and a classical slip-on-slip-off tying style.

Today I ran 1 hour with this setting, and no sign of rubbing whatsoever. And no flapping sound either !!!

Man! Problem solving feels as good as barefoot running !!!

Now in May, after increasing the mileage with sandals (>20 km per week), I noticed some rubbing of the external string causing a small wound.
I am now trying with the central knot more backward (closer to the leg).

The goal is to be able to run more than 30 km per week and a full marathon with this sandals without any blister or skin rubbing.
Like the Tarahumara.


  1. Good that you have solved the problem. I think this is a common mistake people make.

    Next job - clean the ink off the soles! I recommend a wet wipe / baby wipe.

    Simon (Xero Shoes UK)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will try this WE. Do you think that baby wipe can remove ink from Sharpies permanent marker?

  3. Thanks for sharing Pat. I have to tweak my huaraches to make the run experience better. Just did my 1st run yesterday and branded with blisters on some parts of my feet.


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