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Trail du Gypaete 2015 in Huaraches

La Gypaete (40 km, 2500+, 3300-) is not a casual "petite ballade" even though the numbers are not very impressive, compared to other races in the area.

Still, with the temperatures we had that day, and in Huaraches, the very steep down slopes and mud slides in every forest parts were brutal and destructive, ... and suffering is NOT Tarahumara Spirit.

I finally found my limits of what I can do with Huaraches in the wild!!!

I started suffering when going down the Pointe d'Andey, and ultimate nightmare was in the last part, down from Lac Bénit to the finish line. With the mud between my feet and my sandals and no water to rinse, my Huaraches were slipping out of my feet, with the strings going though the skin. The pain was so excruciating that sometimes I had to go down butt first to have some relief from the skinning between my toes. One hour like this makes some body memory.

But now, it is slowly healing and I learned a lesson. Unless I am 100% sure that the trail is free…