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I am a Natural Runner at last !!!

I just received my Huaraches (running sandals made as the Tarahumara Indians make them for decades) from and tested them.

I tried first the slip-on-slip-off tying style (check there), so I do not have to use neurons each time I put them on.

I ran first on a race track (short distance break-in) and then on the road (9 km) in the rain.

The short run was filmed by a friend to document my running style with them, in case there was a problem.
The movie is at this link

The long run was in "mild" weather, i.e. rain and 5°C. Almost one hour run.

I noticed 2 things. First, a quite loud flapping sound, and second, during the shower, I found out that I had one blister on each foot, right below the space between the first toes. Not in front between the toes but below ?!

From looking at the video on the race track, I tried to reproduce the bending of the ball of my foot when I land while running, but this time while seating on …

No New York Marathon 2012 !!!

When I woke up last Sunday, i.e. one week before the NYC marathon, I decided not to go to for it.
En me réveillant dimanche dernier, j'ai pris la décision de ne pas aller courir le Marathon de New York.

Indeed, I was still tired and coughing. My goal was to be in shape to run 10-15 k one week before the NYC Marathon, otherwise, it would be not safe to go there, wait 5 hours in the cold, run another 4 h or so and then wait for 1 h to get dry clothes.
Mon objectif était d'être en pleine forme pour courir 10 à 15 k une semaine avant. Or, ce dimanche en me levant, j'étais encore fatigué et je toussais. Donc, la santé d'abord. Surtout que le marathon de New York implique de se lever vers 5h du matin, aller en bus ou en ferry sur Staten Island vers 6h, attendre dans le vent et le froid jusuq'à 10h30, ensuite courir pendant plus de 4h dans mon cas, et marcher après pendant au moins 30 minutes dans Central Park pour retrouver la personne qui a un sac avec des affaires sèches…

Berlin Marathon 2012

Berlin Marathon, 30 September 2012

5 days before the Berlin Marathon, while I was in top shape, I got some nasty respiratory virus. After one night wetting the bed and shivering, I slowly recovered but was coughing real hard.
On the morning of the Marathon, Sunday 30 September, I woke up at 7h00 and decided I was OK.
Outside temperature 6°C, wind 25 kph, in the shade for 2 hours since the course was mainly East-West during the first 20k. I was coughing so often, it was burning so hard in my chest that I was about to give up. And then I stopped coughing. I finished in 4h25, with a 137 bpm average. I resumed coughing 5 minutes after the finish line.
Here is a cut of my videos:

And here are some photos:
 before start in my disposable paper top and pants

5 days after, I was still coughing with a bit of fever, so I started Augmentin plus Mucomyst.
I went to Chicago for our annual Chicago Diabetes Project meeting.
Once back, I was still coughing and still with some fever. I started Clarithro…