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I am a Natural Runner at last !!!

I just received my Huaraches (running sandals made as the Tarahumara Indians make them for decades) from and tested them.

I tried first the slip-on-slip-off tying style (check there), so I do not have to use neurons each time I put them on.

I ran first on a race track (short distance break-in) and then on the road (9 km) in the rain.

The short run was filmed by a friend to document my running style with them, in case there was a problem.
The movie is at this link

The long run was in "mild" weather, i.e. rain and 5°C. Almost one hour run.

I noticed 2 things. First, a quite loud flapping sound, and second, during the shower, I found out that I had one blister on each foot, right below the space between the first toes. Not in front between the toes but below ?!

From looking at the video on the race track, I tried to reproduce the bending of the ball of my foot when I land while running, but this time while seating on a chair. The string indeed was rubbing at the spot of the blister. So it could be the cause.

The solution then would be to land with a flat foot, i.e. minimal bent of the toes. That should eliminate both the rubbing of the string at this spot and the flapping sound. Easy to say!

Also, I am getting better with my bronchitis. It was not Tuberculosis but the symptoms were almost all there. I guessed I went quite far in destroying my lungs, almost 3 months to stop coughing heavy yellow-green-brown sputum is very long for someone with a healthy lifestyle and supposedly stronger immune system because of the running. This means that the respiratory virus I got 5 days before the Berlin Marathon was very efficient at destroying the lung cells, and that the various bacteria that proliferated inside after that were quite nasty as well.

Finally, with careful slow runs twice a week, with lots of layers to stay warm, weekly hammam sessions and lots of sleep and rest, I am back to normal. With a pace the same as a year ago even slower, but the bright side of going down in speed, time and distance, is that I could complete my full transition to Natural Running Style. Now my calves and Achilles' tendons can take more than one hour of forefoot running without pain or inflammation.

I am a Natural Runner at last !!!


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