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Last attempt with the string between the toes

Last Sunday, just before my 54th birthday, I tried one last tying style with my Huaraches. The goal was to find a lacing with minimal rubbing of the string between the toes. Also, I forgot totally about speed and concentrated on light, easy and sound-less stride.
It was beautiful outside but quite chilly.
I checked every 2 kms or so whether my string was creating a blister. Last time I tried, after 8 km in melted snow, I had a tiny blister on each foot. Nothing serious but I aimed at eliminating ALL rubbing for longer runs.
I did not feel anything and could not see any blister, so I decided to go for my usual 12.4 km (always with shoes before).
When I came back home, I found out that I had 2 huge blisters, one on the right foot, all swollen with blood, one on the left foot, with the skin peeled off.
From the shower after the run until today (tuesday 19), it hurts as bad as it looks.

I did not feel anything probably because of the cold weather (around 0°C).
I did not see anything because this time the blisters were even more below the toes.
From the videos, I do not think I overstride significantly.
From the sound (almost no flapping left now), I must hit the ground smoothly.
The only 2 causes left to explore would be that:

  • The hole-between-the-toes is to backwards, so that any tying will be too tight
  • And/or I dorsiflex way too much and no matter how I tie my huaraches, I will still have some rubbing BELOW my toes.

I will give another try with a hole further in front, but later, when I my feet are totally healed.
In the meantime. I will run with my Merrell TrailGloves and my Newton Gravity.

But the good thing is that I now know that I may not be able to wear the huaraches with the string between the toes and I must try another style with the strings across the toes.

Something like this.

So I ordered 2 kits from XeroShoes the same evening and I will try new tying styles as soon as my skin is compatible with running again.

Stay tuned.


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