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2013 Geneva Half: 21 kms in Huaraches

On May 5, 2013, for the Geneva Half-Marathon, I tested a "long run" in Huaraches, the running sandals of the Tarahumara people.
I was not sure whether my legs and especially my calves were strong enough and springy enough to caress the ground for 21 km so I estimated my time between 2h and 2h30.
The result was 2h06, i.e. exactly 10 kph and a big smile during and after.

This is another step towards a full Marathon in sandals.
And before this running "shoes" become a standard, I can seriously show off and the color of the soles and laces attracts girls. They cannot resist asking me where I got my sandals and if they can have the same color.

Note the perfect match with the t-shirt I got at the 20 km of Lausanne just a week before.


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In fact, the blisters came after 5-8 k, and not between the toes, which would be a sign of overstriding, but BELOW the toes. Plus, I also made a terrible flapping sound when running.

So I checked my stride on video and found that I dorsiflex a lot, i.e. my toes are bent a lot upwards before landing. When I do that when still, I can clearly see the strings touching hard the skin far below the 1st and 2nd toe. OK so that explains the rubbing and the huge blisters in some cases.
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