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Eiger Ultra Trail E51 2015

The Tarahumara Spirit was there and we all blew our PRs, without pain either during or after.

Kristof and Renier by 2h30 (surrealistic!!!) and myself by 40 minutes.

It was all about using the proper running technique, the proper training strategy, the proper gear and the proper spirit.

 First, being silly, the evening before, in front of the Eiger


Then, the next day, due to uncertain weather, the organization decided to start the race at 6 am, so wake up at 4h40 and big muesli.

And off we go in the mountains.



Kristof is the only one of the Tarahumara Spirit who has a picture of him taken in this part of the trail, which is after Schynige Platte, on this grueling downhill part that lasts forever. But that was worth it. Look at his perfect posture and stride for downhill Natural Running: Chin tucked in the chest, body totally aligned and relaxed, forefoot ready to strike the ground with the midfoot. Perfect picture for a lecture on Natural Running in Trails, chapter Downhill.

Arriving soon, Grindelwald is in sight.


Kristof 8h37 - Renier 8h47 - Patrick 10h58

See you next year, maybe for the E101, because that time, it truly felt short...


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